Cruel World

Azra, Azra,

Get Up Azra.

Get Up Azra,

It is time to go.

Go where you need to

However hate to do so.

Azra, it harms me to state,

However you are the method.

Get Up Azra,

You need to go.

Azra, Azra,

You are made from gold,

However the gold, I can not hold.

Get Up Azra, you need to go.

I understand Azra,

The world is terrible world.

This world is not yours or mine.

This world is not the one

We wish to be.

This world is not

For you or me.

Azra, my little woman,

Your wonderful power,

Your ocean blues eyes,

Your smile of innocence,

Your body like a bud of rose

Is exactly what will conserve all of us?

It is your sweet innocence Azra,

That our lives depend upon.

I understand Azra it is not fare.

I understand Azra it is excessive

For you to bare.

However you see Azra,

I do deeply care.

For I enjoy you more than you

Will ever understand.

It is you Azra

That will conserve all of us.

Get Up Azra

For you need to go.

Oh Mom, must I,

Must I actually go?

Oh Mom, do not you understand,

I am just 5 years of ages.

Oh Mom, cannot you see

My body pains.

Oh Mom, cannot you hear the screams-

The screams of my soul.

Oh Mom, must I actually go?

Azra, Azra, my heart pains for you.

Azra I would enjoy to

Rather of you, go.

You see my kid

They do not desire me.

They state I am too old, and

They desire a little woman like you,

In their arms to hold.

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