DEWALT D55146 – Genuine Assessments

If you need a solidly built air compressor, look no further than the DEWALT D55146. This machine was designed to withstand the toughest conditions - work place, professional use, and home use. Furthermore, it really is one of the most efficient compressors available and it is quite portable and straightforward to store. The versatility of its compressor is demonstrated by its applicability both for small framing carpenters & remodelers in addition to large trim carpenter crews & remodelers.

Making sure there is no loss of pressure while doing the job, the unit features the DEWALT patented high efficiency motor and high pressure pump that enables users to take advantage of the additional performance supplied by 200 PSI, while at the same time allowing a users productivity to be enhanced by a pump that produces 5.4 SCFM (Actual) @ 90 PSI resulting in a quick compressor recovery time. This pumps wheels enable easy storage while the fact that it is free of oil ensures easy maintenance.

DEWALT D55146 Features and Specifications:

* 200 PSI mass storage pressure
* 90 PSI - 5.2 standard cubic feet each minute (SCFM)
* Collapsible handle
* Vert stand
* 78 dBA noise level
* Easy transportation - 10 inch foam tires
* Long pump and motor life resulting from Ehp efficient high pressure

DEWALT D55146 - Real Reviews

The DEWALT D55146 is highly regarded and it has many positive purchaser reviews. This is a compressor which has a lot of power and efficiency. As well it requires hardly any maintenance and runs quietly. Many users love just how this compressor replenishes quickly and that it keeps a stable and strong air flow while running.

Almost all of the negative reviews related to this unit are to do with the drain valve that is erroneously positioned thus having the unit to be propped up on a 45 degree angle to get the condensation out, which when not done properly can cause tank failure. Overall, this compressor has reviews that are overwhelmingly positive.

Therefore, the kit is definitely a great option for those hunting for a strong, durable unit that's versatile enough to perform a number of jobs and comes with a price that is very favourable when considering features and technical components.

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