Dewalt Power Tools Are not Always the Answer

How is it that a man can never get a simple job done even when he has an entire garage filled with Dewalt power tools? This question has plagued women for some time, and since the answer is still evading us, we have come up with some very innovative alternatives for the common power tool.

o The butter knife. Just today I used this tool to tighten the handle on one of my saucepans. It has been my firm belief that almost any screw can be cinched in with this handy and dependable tool. And I do not ever worry if I bend it, because I have 11 others just like it in the silverware drawer.
o The high-heeled shoe. I never bother with any fancy air compressors or bulky hammers - just give me a stiletto or UGG boot.
o "Duck" tape. Who needs a plumber or a wrench when you have a roll of duct tape? From leaky faucets to wobbling chair legs, this silver magic can take care of nearly any job. I have even seen women use it as a temporary fix for a tear in a pair of jeans
o Tweezers. Forget the pliers - these little babies can get anything unstuck, including simple locks.

Well ladies, I think it is time to forgo the tools of our past and opt for some power tool skills of our own. Even though power tools can seem scary and foreign sometimes, look at all the irritating jobs can be checked off your honey-do list with Dewalt power tools - in particular, their cordless electric drill.

o Hang blinds
o Tighten loose chair and table legs
o Hang picture frames and mirrors
o Replace doorknobs
o Secure shower and curtain rods
o Install a child safety gate

If you have ever tried any of the above tasks with a manual screwdriver or your butter knife, you know what a long and irritating process this can become. Trade in that awkward screw driver and replace it with a cordless drill that will get those simple chores done in seconds, rather than hours. Besides saving you a bunch of time doing those annoying, but necessary repairs around the house, the Dewalt electric drill will eliminate all that wrist pain that is the result of hours of twisting and pushing.

So ladies, surrender the old tools and save yourself some time, headache, and elbow grease with some Dewalt power tools of your own.

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