Different Kinds of Saws

There are different kinds of saws. These tools are helpful in different cutting needs.

Woodworks and metal works commonly involve different methods of cutting. There are tools used to help in the different cutting needs. These are collectively called saws. But there are many different kinds of saws, just as there are many different kinds of materials and cutting methods used.

These saws are distinct from one another in terms of the primary functions they serve. It makes cutting works easy and done in the fastest time possible. Take a look at the different kinds of saws.

Band Saw
A band saw can be used in wood or metal. It has a blade made of a band of metal. One edge of the blade has teeth that cut through the material being worked on. It can be operated with a motor, electricity, water or steam. It is best used for cutting irregular and curved shapes, but could also work on basic straight cuts. The smoothness of the curved cuts produced depends largely on the size of the width of the band.

Circular Saw
A circular saw has a round metal blade with teeth on the perimeter. It runs on a motor that causes the blade to spin continuously. It is then applied to a working surface like wood to cut as desired. Handheld circular saws are portable and handy. The heavy duty types are more bulky and usually fixated in one place.

Circular saws can cut wood, plastic or metal. It could cut in a straight motion and is very efficient in producing narrow slots.

Scroll Saws
A scroll saw is the tool you need to accurately cut along curves. It can be operated on electricity or pedaled. It is similar to a band saw but just differs on how it is used. A band saw cuts through a material by sliding it on the surface. A scroll saw is used with repeated up and down motions.

A scroll saw is very handy and requires a small space only. It is very convenient in small and limited working spaces, like a kitchen or backyard.

Table Saw
A table saw (or a saw bench) is commonly used by professionals only. It is a very large cutting equipment and is usually fixated in one place. Basically, there is a cutting blade (usually a circular saw) mounted on top of a table or any working surface. The material to be cut is worked around the blade.

The table provides stable support during the cutting process. It is important to fix it on the ground to avoid kickbacks and vibrations. It can cut metal, wood or plastic.

Miter Saw
A miter saw is basically for making accurate cross cuts. This is the tool best used for framing and molding. There is a circular blade that spins fast when the motor is running. The blade works its way on the working material. The precision of the cut largely depends on the controlled motion of the user.

Radial Arm Saw
A radial arm saw is used specially for making straight and rip cuts. A circular blade with teeth is mounted on a sliding bar. The wood or metal to be cut is placed under the bar. The blade will slide from left to right and back to cut through the material.

A radial arm saw is more of a professional tool. It is dangerous to be handled by a beginner. It could cut lumbers with great precision, at identical widths. It could also make more complex cuts like compound miters accurately and at a lesser time.

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