Hitachi Ace Split AC RAU018HOD

This product has become an integral part of our life due to its high quality, reliability and comfort. This particular model of Hitachi has a star rating of five and this is proved by our electricity bills. Capacity of this AC is 1.5 Ton.

We are using this model in our bedroom, but cooling effect of this AC covers other parts of my home. sensei ftr-66 has all the basic features of any AC. This model has some very interesting features such as ‘Dry Mode’.

This model has 5 fan speeds and has high capacity rotary compressor in it. Compressor is very quiet and you can feel that whenever you listen the sound of outdoor unit of this AC. This model has an advance On/OFF start up timer. This is an intelligent timer, in which you can fix the desire temperature at any given point of time.

Just before an hour before, the time you have given to it, the AC scans the room temperature and then according to result of scanning, it starts automatically to deliver the desire temperature at any given point of time. Fins of this AC are precoated, which increases the life of fins. You can fix three personal programmable modes in this AC. In addition to that it has 4 comfort modes-Fan, Cool, Powerful and Dry.

There are two important pros in this model. It has an Auto climate technology, which works with the combination of temperature, air circulation and humidity. It also has password protection mode, which restrict others to change your setting for cooling.

It has also two cons. First is that it is very costly as compared to similar capacity AC in the market and secondly fitting of this AC takes a lot of effort, because many features of this AC depends upon proper fitting. Overall this product has a rating of 5.

Fedders A6V12S2A

I have a great little air conditioner. This air conditioner is a few years old but it is still working like new. The Fedders brand is a known brand. They have quality products. This air conditioner hasn’t really given me too many problems.

A positive point of this product is that the air conditioner works well as far as its cooling potential. I have a small five bedroom house and this unit cools the entire downstairs. Half way up the stairs, you notice a major temperature change. That is the point that I realized how well the air conditioner really works.

Another positive point of the unit is that it contains numerous controls. The air conditioner allows you to turn it on to low, medium, high, low fan or high fan settings. It also includes a dial to set the coolness from one to eight with eight being the coldest.

The Fedders A6V12S2A comes equipped with an open and closed air exchanger slide lever to allow you to bring air in from the outside or just circulate the air already in your house. It also has an easy to remove filter. This allows for easy cleaning of the filter to keep your air crisp, cool and fresh.

The cons of this air conditioner would be the sound. The air conditioner is a little louder than other air conditioners that I have previously owned. The air conditioner is currently in a window close to my couch. This causes for some issues at times hearing the television and hearing conversations.

Another con is that the side adjustment panels are flimsy. They have nor broken yet but I have to take extra caution with them because I feel like I have to baby them. My overall opinion of this product would be a 4 on a 1-5 scale.

sensei ftr-25 is more than worth the price of it. It definitely keeps the house cool. I would purchase another Fedders product because they have proven their quality to me.

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