How one can Repair an 18V energy software battery (cordless drill battery)

As an alternative of scrapping it, repair your 18-volt drill battery pack. New battery packs are a pricey funding, notably for heavy customers of cordless drills. Fixing your 18-v drill battery pack is just like jump-starting a lifeless battery in your automotive. This technique works for nickel cadmium and nickel hydride battery packs.


1. Decide the constructive and destructive leads in your battery case utilizing the volt meter. To make it simpler to reassemble your battery drill pack, mark the constructive lead in your case.
2. Open the battery case utilizing a small screwdriver.
three. Catch the small inside spring as you open the case. It tends to pop up when the case is opened.
four. Save these simply misplaced items by putting the screws and spring in a small container.
5. Pull out the interior battery pack.
6. Word the purpose at which the wires from the highest terminal lead undergo the silver cardboard insulation piece. Mark this level so it's simpler to reassemble. For photograph, see Reference 1.
7. Carry off the black terminal piece with a pair of needle nostril pliers. Don't let the wires cross or contact throughout removing.
eight. Observe the uncovered metallic tab on the remaining battery pack. It is very important insulate this piece with tape as it is going to be "scorching" in the course of the jump-start course of.
9. Take away the silver cardboard insulation piece and put aside.
10. Expose the tops and bottoms of the battery cells by slicing off sufficient shrink wrap to show them.
11. Decide which battery cells will want jump-starting. It's doubtless that just a few of the cells are dangerous. Engaged on every particular person cell, set the volt meter to 2. Any batteries with a studying of unfavorable will must be reconditioned.
12. Mark every battery that must be reconditioned with a black marker. As soon as all batteries have been examined, start the reconditioning course of.
# Decide the polarity of the battery cells. The flat finish is damaging and the raised finish is constructive.
13. Place the black alligator clamp from the 12 volt batter charger on the damaging finish of the battery.
14. Use the purple clamp to faucet the constructive, or raised finish of the cell two or 3 times. Then maintain the purple clamp down for six seconds.
15. Take away all clamps and retest that battery cell with the volt meter. If it reads 1 volt, it has been profitable. If it reads lower than 1 volt, then repeat the method on that battery cell. This course of might be repeated as much as 10 occasions.
16. Proceed the reconditioning course of on every battery cell that you simply marked for reconditioning.
17. As soon as accomplished, reassemble the battery pack.
18. Place the reassembled 18-v battery pack again onto the drill and set on the charger to completely recharge batteries.

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