How To Restore Your Power Tool Battery Yourself?

How To Restore Your  18v power tool battery Yourself?

Have you been using a power tool and realize that the battery is dying? If so, and will make a new battery, you should be aware that cause tooth in his pocket. A good idea would be to restore the battery. Yes, exactly. You can do this with ease. All you need is the battery charger and an outlet, two things you probably already have on hand all the time anyway.

Insert the tool to use until the battery runs down completely. For example, if you are the rehabilitation of a cordless drill, let it sit until the blade stops spinning. Make sure the wok drill with no load at the end. Then, use the battery charger, tool power completely. Once downloaded, run the tool to check if it is running in its full working capacity. Otherwise, you must repeat the process once or twice. If you notice a difference in ways of working, so its best to repeat the process after a month because too much water and the download may be too good battery life.

When you make a major cost of a new battery, renew your power supplier is a better idea. There are other ways to do this as well, which are more complicated, but this process is good enough to do at home. So, buy modern equipment and always easy.

How to Rebuild Cordless Power Tool Batteries ?

The batteries on cordless power tools are usually the first part to fail. If you've ever priced a replacement battery pack, you'll know that it is probably not a cost-effective purchase. Most people would rather buy a new tool than spend over half the price of a new tool on a replacement battery pack. The best option might be to rebuild the batteries, but only if you have some experience using a soldering iron.

1. Remove the battery pack from your cordless tool. Unscrew the screws holding the battery case together. Open the battery case. Remove the battery cells--they will all be wired together as a unit.

2. Draw a rough diagram of the battery cells on paper, noting the negative (-) and positive (+) terminals of each battery cell, and how each terminal is connected with wires.

3. Remove the connecting wires by holding them with pliers while melting the solder that holds the wire to the battery terminals, using a soldering iron.

4. Align the new battery cells correctly, according to your diagram. Solder all the connecting wires to the new battery cell terminals, according to your diagram. Work quickly so as not to overheat the batteries.

5. Slide the battery cells into one half of the battery case. Replace the other half of the cover. Fasten the screws that hold the case together, using a screwdriver. Charge the battery pack overnight before using it with your cordless power tool.

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