Is Utilizing A Witness Deposition Preparation Video A Smart Idea?

If you're an attorney, you understand the witness deposition preparation drill. You have actually offered your witness the preparation speech a million times recommending witnesses to:

  • " respond to the concerns"
  • " do not offer info"
  • " do not think"
  • " wait on the concern to end"
  • " respond to with 'yes' or 'no', not mmmh"
  • " stop speaking if I object" and naturally
  • " inform the fact."

Yet, no matter how frequently you go through your spiel, witnesses consistently get it incorrect. They fidget, have actually never ever done this previously, and let's face it, you have actually offered your witness a lot to bear in mind.

Among the issues with preparing a witness for a deposition is a witness has no concept what to anticipate. You can inform them the guidelines, discuss the environment, go through the files, and do a mock deposition and your witness can still make errors.

Part of the issue is informing them all this just does not resonate. The option is revealing them. Obviously there's no chance to ensure a witness will do in addition to you 'd like, however every action you take throughout preparation assists. The only lawsuits experience most witnesses have is exactly what they see on TELEVISION and the films. I understand some witnesses anticipate a deposition to be just like remaining in a courtroom ... and they're frightened about it.

One method to reduce stress and anxiety and aid prepare your witness is utilizing video that reveals a deposition being performed. A great deposition preparation video reveals a number of bits of depositions with examples of great and bad responses. In this manner a potential witness can see a deposition in action and be informed why the great responses readied and the bad responses were bad.

Do not get me incorrect, video will not change an attorney's participation in deposition preparation. Rather, video matches witness preparation.

How Does a Deposition Preparation Video Enhance Preparation with a Legal representative?

The majority of the deposition preparation videos just informed audiences the guidelines ... the do's and do n'ts. In my view, these kinds of videos, DVDs, and slideshows do not truly do much to assist with witness preparation. The legal representative can do this.

A great witness preparation video highlights the essential guidelines And After That reveals examples of great and bad depositions utilizing and not utilizing the guidelines. It's the proving of great and bad depositions anchored with each guideline that resonates with a potential witness.

Not just does a great video program and inform a witness the guidelines for being deposed, it likewise offers a witness a photo of the deposition environment. This is quite essential (in my view). I think it readies to reveal a witness that the deposition is not as official as a courtroom.

Does Utilizing a Video Mean an Attorney slouches?

Possibly if an attorney not does anything however reveal the video.

However I do not think that a video will or ought to change an attorney's participation in the witness preparation procedure. Excellent witness deposition preparation consists of a good deal of legal representative participation - consisting of session and comprehensive file evaluation.

When an attorney supplements preparation with a video, a witness will value having the ability to see examples of depositions. Utilizing a video is not changing attorneys, however assisting attorneys assist their witnesses.

There's a factor instructors utilize videos to teach particular components of a topic. An instructor does not rely specifically on videos, however rather utilizes them to reveal and show points in such a way resonates and gets a point throughout far better than just interacting it verbally.

So, yes, a great witness deposition preparation video can assist a case by assisting a witness prepare. A video is not a replacement, however rather a tool.

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