New: Dewalt's DCL510 Compact LED Worklight

Since debuting in early October of 2010 Dewalt's new line of 12v MAX power tools has been making a pretty decided impact amongst tool lovers and the industrial community. The new seven-tool line-up, among drill drivers and impact drills, includes a new, versatile, and totally compact worklight which despite its quite small size, produces enough light to keep your jobs professionally illuminated in any kind of working conditions.

The DCL510 is extremely compact and lightweight. Seriously's; being only a handful of inches long, the thing essentially fits in the palm of your hand; this perfect compactness is not only comfortable, but it allows for use in tight, awkward, and small spaces. This means you can climb into an attic, a crawl-space, or under any number of sinks with a powerful light source that is not going to cramp your style. Needless to say, the thing will not contribute to the claustrophobic feelings of tight-space work environments either - it'll just keep you on the bright side.

In addition to a portable, versatile, and comfortable design, the worklight is built with a belt-clip, a high-power magnet, and a kickstand (which does leave a bit to be desired, but a kick-stand, which could also double as a hanger, nonetheless) for the most convenient hands-free use in a variety of positions and working environments. With the DCL510 you can essentially have a perfectly illuminated workspace with light streaming from any angle and still have two free hands to work to your heart's content.

Because the worklight additionally features a 360 degree pivoting head, it produces at least three things for its users - optimal usability, powerful light from any angle, and the ability to simply and precisely redirect that light with just a turn or a pivot. The worklight light also produces 130 Lumens of light to ensure illumination despite the dingiest of working conditions.

Also operating with Dewalt's lithium ion battery technology, the worklight offers extended run-time with a lightweight, non-dwindling, fast-charging power source, and although the worklight itself does not come with a battery, Dewalt's lithium ion system is both interchangeable and available for purchase separately. This "batterylessness" of the worklight keeps its cost low and allows you to simply use the spare battery from another tool in the 12v MAX line-up. Ultimately, the worklight is a brilliant little tool with a big heart and a big eagerness to please.

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