Now Clean Effortlessly With Dewalt D27900 Wet And Dry Dust Extractor

Each home, shop, or construction site should be equipped with a way to clean up. Your home renovation undertaking, weekend woodworking idea, or major construction project will have to be cleaned up in the end, as none of these are easy tasks. They will all create dust, wood chips, perhaps water spills and other untidy messes. These are just standard situations that you have to deal with under any so it yourself or construction circumstances - messes are inevitable. So, why not add a piece of machinery to your shop or truck toolbox to take care of it quickly and efficiently? The Dewalt D27900 dust extractor is a powerful vacuum that will take care of any mess you can throw at it. It really sucks!


A cylinder or drum style wet/dry vacuum is equipped to handle the dry scraps from your construction or shop work, as well as any wet messes that may happen in kitchen or bathroom construction or renovation. The Dewalt D27900 wet/dry vacuum fills that description with its ability to handle 27 liters of dry material and has a float switch for when you need to siphon wet materials or spills.


You need a powerful vacuum to keep your shop or work areas clean and free of debris. The Dewalt D27900 features a 240 Volt motor to take care of the tough jobs you throw at it. The maximum airflow capacity weighs in at an impressive 4020 liters per minute. This vacuum's motor puts out a powerful 208 mbar of vacuum pressure, ensuring it will tackle both large vacuuming jobs or your tough blowing jobs like leaves or other debris. There are 1200 watts of power input available, and a power take off rating of 1500 watts. The 14-liter wet/dry capacity means you won't have to empty the unit or dust bag very often. When using the wet suction function, there is a built in float switch for use when suctioning liquids, in order to discern the level of fluid in the storage tank.


Everything you need to keep your construction areas or yard clean comes with the Dewalt D27900 vacuum cleaner. The dust extraction unit is very light and convenient to move around anywhere you need a thorough clean up. At only 11 pounds when empty, it is easily moveable via the carrying handle or transport wheels. The compact dimensions of 525mm in height and 420mm length means it is easily stored until you need it. Sporting a large 4m by 35mm extraction hose, you will easily get into all the nooks and crannies that tend to collect debris. The unit also comes with a crevice tool for smaller spaces you need to get in to. There is a dust bag included with the vacuum, for your convenience. You are even able to connect other power tools to this vacuum, with its built-in power socket.

If you are looking for a powerful, lightweight vacuum with the convenience of wet/dry versatility, this vacuum is a great choice. It has a powerful suction capacity for your tough jobs.

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