Russian Superstitions

Russians are extremely superstitious individuals. They will reject this, however it holds true. These superstitious notions impact my life daily. The majority of the time they are safe and I accompany them to humor my spouse. Often I tease her about them.

New superstitious notions turn up all the time, as brand-new circumstances emerge in our life. I keep informing her that I require a rulebook for them. Possibly sooner or later I will codify them in a book.

Russians are raised with these superstitious notions so they have no have to seek advice from a handbook.
Here are a few of them. It is by no implies an extensive list:

1) You cannot whistle in your home or cars and truck, as they think that you are whistling away your loan.

At a supper celebration at our home, a good friend of mine began whistling. My spouse silenced him right away. She described to him, "You can whistle in your very own home, however you cannot whistle in mine. In my home, it's my loan you are whistling away."

When she initially concerned America, she would see individuals standing at crossways holding indications. She asked me exactly what they were doing. I informed her they were requesting for loan. She asked me why. I informed her that they had actually done totally excessive whistling in their home for their own great.

2) If you step on your partner's shoe by mishap, you need to let the other individual action on your shoe, or you will have an argument.

I never ever checked this superstitious notion. It appeared much easier to accompany the treatment than pay the cost for breaking it.

3) If you leave your home, you can not return inside for something you have actually forgotten, or your journey will lead to 'absolutely nothing great,' as my spouse states.

4) If you should return into get the forgotten product, you can attempt to reduce the bad impacts of returning by checking out the mirror at your very own reflection for a minute prior to you leave once again.

5) Never ever show another's surgical treatment or injury by yourself body with your hand or other methods as you are most likely to check out that upon yourself.

In the couple of times I have actually done this, my spouse has actually aimed to fix this by cleaning away the area where I made the fictional cut with her hand, blowing on her hand to blow it away to the wind, and covering it with the indication of the cross.

6) Never ever offer a Russian female an even variety of flowers. Even numbers are for the dead. Constantly offer odd numbers. When you purchase a lots, or 2 lots roses, for her, ask to include an additional one for great luck.

7) Never ever offer yellow flowers to a Russian female. It represents adultery and might imply that your relationship will not last.

8) Never ever offer a watch as a present to a Russian female. Time is abandoning your relationship.

9) Never ever offer knives or scarfs as presents. I have no idea the factor for this one.

10) Never ever commemorate a birthday early. You are pressing your luck.

11) Do not reveal your newborn to complete strangers up until after forty days. They are waiting on their soul to show up and they might handle another's soul or energy throughout that time.

12) It's finest to cut your hair or nails throughout a moon.

13) It's thought about misfortune to shave or cut your hair when a member of the family remains in threat or bad health.

14) Whenever somebody applauds you or uses a favorable remark, you knock on wood or imaginarily spit 3 times over your left shoulder so that you are not jinxed by the remark.

15) Do not shake hands or kiss over the limit of a door. It forms a bridge that permits the devil or fiends from the outdoors to go into your home by doing this. When I have actually done this by error, my spouse normally presses me back outdoors or pulls me inside prior to welcoming me with a kiss at the front door.

16) Prior to anybody takes a long journey, the entire household sits together quietly for a couple of minutes prior to the tourist leaves.

17) The genuinely superstitious have actually been understood to consume 'fortunate' bus tickets, when the amount of the left 3 numbers equates to the amount of the 3 numbers on the.

18) Just recently, while preparing to offer my baby child a bath, the little tyke peed on me while I was taking her clothing off. My spouse chuckled and stated that it readied news. It implied that I would live to dance at my child's wedding event!

This list is not extensive by any methods. Superstitions differ by nation and location. There is a popular Russian tv program that circumnavigates the nation checking out the special superstitious notions of each specific town or town.

A lot of the superstitious notions originated from folk tales or fairy stories, Russian Orthodox custom, or had peasant or farming roots. A lot of Russians are just one or 2 generations from the farm or town.

At any rate, know the superstitious notions and attempt to reveal some regard for them whether you think in them. Your Russian good friends will value it.

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