The Dewalt Gas Generator is Just One of Many Power Tool Examples Why Dewalt is Number One

"You buy a machine and what you really get is satisfaction, entire satisfaction." Raymond E. DeWalt, the founder of DeWalt, said that once. Indeed, DeWalt is now considered as one of the best makers of quality tools and machines. One of the reliable products from DeWalt is its gas generator.

Why You Should Get a DeWalt Gas Generator?

Emergency Power Source for Your Residence:

Emergency situations happen. And when they do, chances are most people are caught by surprise. For instance, a devastating storm may hit your area without notice. Since modern life is tied to electricity, you cannot afford to lose power during emergency situations. How can you speedily cook your meals with your microwave? How can you stay warm without your heater? How can you keep your food fresh without your fridge? And how can you communicate with your friends and family via the Internet if you do not have power?

These are questions that seem remotely impossible right now, but it is better to be prepared. It is a fact: you do not know when a long power outage may take place, but it will. Therefore, it is always discreet to anticipate possibilities. It is always wise to have a DeWalt gas generator in your house. A DeWalt DG3000 gas generator with commercial grade engine, for instance, would be a great back-up power source. It can simultaneously power your fridge, heater or air conditioner, TV, and computer for a long period of time.

Low Noise:

Noise is one of the oldest complaints about gas generators. So, some people are advocating inverter generators. Sure, those inverter generators do not make a lot of noise, but they cannot handle heavy power loads nor can they run for a long period. Some inverter generator advocates say that you can make an inverter handle heavy loads and run for a long time if you install a complicated system of deep-cycle batteries and chargers, but that will cost you. Why do you need to empty your purses when you can just get a DeWalt gas generator? DeWalt's engineers have designed their generators to emit minimal noise. How do they do this? They simply installed supper quite mufflers in the generator to minimize engine noise. It is not totally quiet, but then it would not be a nuisance to your neighborhood.

Power for Work:

DeWalt gas generators are also perfect for job sites. With its high-performance engines, their generators would provide reliable power for your work. What is more, you would not lose precious work time because DeWalt generators are easy to start and operate. DeWalt gas generators are also equipped with proper 120 V and 240 V outlets for job site applications. And you can save power with DeWalt generators because they come with idle control system that reduces engine operation when usage drops to the minimum. And you do not have to worry about the generator getting damaged in the work site-DeWalt generators have a tough frame and are fitted with panel protection bars for maximum toughness.


DeWalt assures customers that all their products are high-quality, reliable, and durable. That is why they have this two years warranty on their gas generators that cover engine defects.

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