The Dewalt Scroll Saw and the Weekend Hobbiest

The possibilities of making wood crafts and decorations
are unlimited, when you have the right tools, and patterns.
Dewalt tools are my preference, for the simple fact that they
are dependable and they have a large variety for just about
every job imaginable.

When it comes to making crafts and decorations the Dewalt
tool I am really impressed with is the scroll saw. This tool allows
you to cut some really detailed designs. You will need to have
a drill on hand so you can make a starter hole for inside cuts.
With this saw you can make wall hangings, clocks, decorations
to set on you mantel or entertainment center etc ... Lets go over
a couple of these in more detail.

If your wanting to make a wall hanging with your dewalt scroll
saw. First you need to decide on the pattern. This can be
something you drew up yourself or something you purchased.
Second, you need to decide what type wood you want pine, oak,
cherry, walnut, etc ... to get the look you prefer. Third, place you
pattern on the surface and trace the design. After you get it
transferred, take your dewalt drill and with a small bit drill holes
in the center designs to be cut out. Now your ready for your
dewalt scroll saw. Loosen the blade adjustment and place the
blade through one of the pre-drilled pilot holes and reattach it to
the saw and set the blade tension. Make your cut. Repeat this
step until all your designs are finished. Sand down add a little
varnish and your done. You can also glue some colored felt on
the back to really bring out the artwork.

If you want to make a clock with your dewalt scroll saw. First
you need to get a battery operated clock assembly. Your local
craft store should be able to help you with this. Transfer your
design just like with the wall hanging. But, before you drill the
pilot holes you need to add in the place for your clock fixture.
Make sure you place it in your design where it will have enough
wood to hold it solid. Make your cuts, do the finish work, add the
clock assembly and you have just made yourself a hand crafted

For making a mantle it is basically the same as the wall hanging,
just leave a flat spot on the bottom of your design. Cut out a platform
and take your dewalt router and put a contoured edge around the
top and glue your designed piece in the center. And you have a
mantle piece.

I suggest sticking with single piece designs until you get the feel
of your dewalt scroll saw. Then you can move on to multiple piece
designs that need to be glued together. But with a little practice, the
possibilities of things you can make with this dewalt tool is unlimited.

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