Ideas To Revive An 18V Drill Battery

  1. Check your lifeless cordless drill battery pack utilizing the volt meter to confirm which lead in your battery case is damaging and which is constructive. Clearly mark which level is constructive and which is damaging on the battery case to ease the problem of later reassembly.

  2. Use a small screwdriver to open the drill battery case. Be careful for the spring inside the case as a result of it tends to come out and may simply get misplaced. Save the screws and spring by putting them in a small container.

  3. Raise off the highest of the cordless drill battery case to show the internal battery cells. These cells will appear to be a grouping of C batteries which are joined collectively in a single hyperlink.

  4. Take away the battery cells from inside the backside of the drill casing. These will come out as one unit as they're banded or shrink-wrapped collectively.

  5. Find the purpose the place the wires run from the terminal piece down via the silver cardboard insulator. The terminal piece must be black or silver and situated on prime of the silver cardboard insulation, with the batteries beneath the cardboard. Mark the silver cardboard insulator on the actual level the place the wires move via the silver cardboard insulation. Once more, this can make it simpler to reassemble.

  6. Launch the terminal piece from the silver cardboard insulation utilizing needle-nose pliers. Take care to not let the terminal wires contact or cross throughout this course of as you're in danger for electrical shock and even an explosion. Set the terminal piece apart together with the battery case screws and spring.

  7. Notice the uncovered metallic band on the aspect of the battery pack. It is very important insulate this band with electrical tape previous to beginning the method. This metallic piece will probably be scorching in the course of the reconditioning course of and insulating it with electrical tape will shield you from damage.

  8. Take away the silver insulation piece that covers the highest of the rechargeable battery cells. Place this piece apart for use in reassembly.

  9. Take away any plastic overlaying from the highest part of the battery pack so you possibly can entry each the the highest and backside of the rechargeable battery leads.

  10. Activate the volt meter and set it to a studying of two volts. Verify every particular person battery cell and mark every battery cell that provides a studying of zero or unfavorable. These would be the cells that may must be reconditioned.

  11. Put together your exterior 12-volt energy supply, together with alligator clamps, for the reconditioning course of. Shield your arms, eyes and pores and skin with protecting clothes and security gear throughout this probably hazardous course of.

  12. Study to revive your drill battery.

    Find the constructive and unfavourable ends of the primary battery to be reconditioned. The constructive finish might be raised and the destructive ends will probably be flat.

  13. From the 12-volt supply, maintain the black alligator clamp to the unfavorable finish of the battery and the purple alligator clamp to the constructive finish for 2 seconds.

  14. Launch the clamps and use a battery check to see if the battery has been absolutely charged. Repeat the method if needed. The rechargeable battery cell could be zapped as much as 10 occasions. Proceed reconditioning the remaining batteries.

  15. Reassemble the battery pack.

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